Tools & Extensions

Through the use of professional extensions and tools, your PMS and/ or POS system becomes a real multi-talent and the applications get expanded with very useful and effective features. HotelToolz reloaded turns into a web-based and innovative companion for the day-to-day use. Moreover, the hotel and cashier applications receive support through digital processes. They are user-friendly, intuitive and can be used on almost all devices through the various browsers.

The following features are available:

  • Live Dashboard
    i.e. Arrival/ Departure, scheduled room moves, etc.

  • Room Overview
    i.e. Room status

  • Mobile Reporting
    i.e. Arrival/ Departure, Guest information, etc.

  • Housekeeping Overview
    i.e. Room Status adjustments, technical notes, etc.

  • Mobile Function-sheet Overview
    i.e. Seating arrangement, Start and end time of the events, etc.
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